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The Leica Camera Blog – Interview 2010

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Leica Camera Blog

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Photokina 2010

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Leica Photokina Day5: photographers from leica camera on Vimeo.

This is a video report of what happened on Leica booth at the photokina on Friday 24th September, feat. Kai Müller/Sonic Iceland, Nanni Schiffl-Deiler, Arno Burgi, Sonja Gutschera & Leif Osthoff as well as Leica´s own Sunil Kaul and CEO A. Schopf.

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Written by Marius Troy on March 4th, 2010

Berlin based Sonja Gutschera and Leif Osthoff’s professional partnership started back in 2007 when Leif, working as freelance photographer and cinematographer, and Sonja, working as free art director specialized on webconcepts and to a certain point as freelance photographer, just wanted to know what it would be like working together as a team. So they planned and organized a free production. “That was it basically. The pictures came out great, more focused and precise. Way better than we expected,” they say. Being inspired by everything from cities, friends, art and music (and Gonzales!), they are working hard to make a name for themselves in the world of fashion photography. They have just started to get their work published, and they are  now planning several free productions, based on conceptual advertising and beauty.

I believe Gutschera and Osthoff is a partnership that will continue to bring us stunning photography for years to come, so update your bookmarks and keep an eye on them, because as they say, they have just started.